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LED lighting industry should try to logistics risks

release time:2020-05-16 source:Shenzhen TOFOLED Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. News today: Yuanfang Optoelectronics said on the interactive platform on Monday that the company's products and technology are already in a leading position, and it still maintains a relatively high R&D investment and continuous innovation and R&D. The LED industry is one of the industries with the best prospects.

Yuanfang Optoelectronics' main business is the R&D, production, sales and provision of comprehensive inspection solutions for LED and lighting optoelectronic inspection equipment.

Recently, there have been news of logistics companies running away, which was thought to cause panic in the industry. However, when I communicated with the managers of some industry brand companies, I found that the impact of the road is no longer as big as before. Many Entrepreneurs even said that there was no impact, and I was pleasantly surprised by the growth of LED lighting companies in responding to the crisis. In the communication with these entrepreneurs, most of the answers are that as long as the enterprise is self-reliant, do all aspects of its own, and have a sense of risk, the risks brought by logistics running can be completely controlled and avoided.

LED lighting industry should try to logistics risks

The main way of the logistics industry's impact on LED lighting companies is to collect and pay, and the main reason for collecting and paying is the mistrust between manufacturers, which causes logistics companies to actively or passively play the role of "lighting Alipay" Therefore, to avoid risks, the first thing is to win the trust of customers.

To win trust, the first step is naturally to improve product quality. As we all know, quality assurance should be the most basic and most important social responsibility of a company. Lighting companies often slogan such as quality, internal skills, and foundation, but many companies have not actually put quality in mind. Really implement.

What is gratifying is that a large number of visionary entrepreneurs have realized that quality will be the decisive battlefield in the future. In the fierce market competition, there will be no future without quality. In the face of quality control, some companies even spend a lot of money Hiring top international experts for monitoring operations, lean production, and overall process quality management are also constantly being introduced and adopted by lighting companies. At the same time, many companies have established a set of advanced and scientific management systems, standardizing internal management and control with an international certification system, creating self-requirements for the standards of China's first-class lighting companies, and constantly making breakthroughs in quality.

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