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Common types of LED energy-saving lamps

release time:2020-05-16 source:Shenzhen TOFOLED Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.

The first type: LED energy-saving lamps made of straw hat type low-power LED, the power supply adopts RC step-down circuit. The straw hat LED continues to use the indicator LED package, epoxy resin encapsulation, so that the LED chip can not dissipate heat, the light decay is serious, many white LEDs, after using for a period of time, the color temperature becomes higher and gradually turns blue. Become dim. There are also manufacturers devoted to the development of straw hat LEDs with low light decay, but because there is no change in the packaging form, the light decay is still not greatly improved. This type of LED energy-saving lamp products are transitional products with low prices and poor quality.

The second type (5050 patch): LED energy-saving lamps made of 3528 or 5050 patch mid-power LEDs. The power supply also generally uses RC step-down circuits, and some manufacturers use constant current circuits. Compared with straw hat LEDs, patch The heat dissipation of the LED is slightly better, and there is a thermally conductive substrate. With the aluminum substrate, part of the heat can be exported. However, due to the neglected heat of LEDs, many mid-power SMD LED energy-saving lamps, without radiators, still use plastic housings, and the light decay is still serious. Adopt resistance-capacitance step-down low-end power supply, because the grid voltage is unstable, the current fluctuates, the brightness also fluctuates, and the price is moderate.

The third category: LED energy-saving lamps made of high-power SMD LEDs. The power supply generally uses a constant current isolation circuit, that is, a constant current, such as a 5W LED, usually 5 pieces of 1 watt LED chips, connected in series, using Constant current 300mA current source power supply, wide voltage power supply, when the power grid fluctuates, the current does not change, the luminous flux or brightness remains constant, 5 SMD LEDs are welded on the aluminum substrate, and the aluminum substrate is combined with the radiator, using heat It can disperse in time and quickly to ensure that the LED chip temperature is lower than the allowable junction temperature of the LED, thereby ensuring the true and effective life of the LED energy-saving lamp. This kind of LED lamp has high price and good quality, which is also the development direction of LED energy-saving lamp.

LED energy-saving lamps have the advantages of small size, high light efficiency, long life, low power consumption, easy to use, etc., and are favored by consumers. So far, LED energy-saving lamps have entered thousands of households, but the LED lighting market is not very mature at this stage, the standards of various manufacturers are different, the national LED lighting standards have not yet been introduced, which also restricts LED power lighting The healthy development of the market.

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