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At present, LED fluorescent lamps are still dominated by commercial lighting

release time:2020-05-16 source:Shenzhen TOFOLED Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.

LED fluorescent lamps will gradually appear in indoor lighting, but now most domestic LED fluorescent lamps are exported, and few are used domestically. Many problems are highlighted in this question. One of the most important is the price problem, leading to LED fluorescent lamps are still mainly based on commercial lighting.

Despite the support of government policies, the quality of LED fluorescent lamp products is still uneven. It's a bit that even the life of fluorescent lamps can't be compared, which also has a negative impact on LED lighting products, and it is also the reason why the LED lighting civilian market is not optimistic.

According to this question, our LED summarizes several questions:

First, the constant current driving problem of the driving power supply. Because the difference in current between LED wicks is different, improper use can easily cause light decay and greatly shorten the life.

Second, heat dissipation. Regardless of whether it is an LED lamp or an LED display, heat dissipation is a more important issue, and solving the heat dissipation problem is also a problem that LED companies must face now.

Third, the instability of the power module and the question of whether the product safety certification can be passed? Since my country has not yet issued standard LED lighting certification requirements, many things require the LED companies themselves to understand and improve.

4. Structure

Ordinarily, since the LED fluorescent lamp is called a fluorescent lamp, its structure must be the appearance of a fluorescent lamp, even the length and thickness are the same, and even the names are T10, T8, T5, the same, so there is nothing to discuss. Actually it is not. LED fluorescent lamps have taken a lot of detours in this regard, which is worthy of special mention.

5. Lifetime (control of LED junction temperature)

We know that the life of low-power LED indicators is very long. Only when LEDs are used as lighting devices have LED life problems been raised. In fact, the life of an LED depends entirely on its junction temperature. As long as the junction temperature is low enough, there is no problem in increasing the life of the LED to more than 100,000 hours.

However, because the luminous efficiency of the LED itself is still relatively low, about 70% of the input power needs to be converted into heat energy. If this heat cannot be dissipated well, the junction temperature of the LED will increase, so the life of the LED will be With it.

Of course, the most important thing is the price factor.


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