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Various advantages of LED strips and driver chips

release time:2020-05-16 source:Shenzhen TOFOLED Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.

It does not have the poisonous effects of filament luminescence, easy burning, thermal deposition, and fast light decay. Watts) Electric-optical power conversion is close to 100%, epoxy resin encapsulation, 0-3 watts-one luminous lumens per watt grows rapidly, similar lighting effects are more than 80% more energy-efficient than traditional light sources. Promote its increasing price depreciation year by year. Therefore, in the home lighting will get massive applications. The high-energy-saving, long-life, environmentally-friendly and delicate compliance of led lamps have been generally recognized.

High energy-saving led: DC-driven led light source has long life, energy saving, inconvenient application, low cost, LED light source technology is becoming more mature, ultra-low power consumption (single tube 0. solid cold light source, neither in the lamp body There are loose parts, led long life: LED light source is called long-life lamp. It is more than 10 times longer than traditional light source. LED life: Led life can reach 50,000 to 100,000 hours, low heat and no flicker, no radiation , The environmental benefit is better.

Led environmental protection: led is a green light source, the outline is safe to touch, there is no ultraviolet and infrared in the spectrum, no pollution does not contain mercury elements, and the waste can be recycled, which is a typical green lighting source. Cold light source, LED lighting disadvantages helplessly reveal the performance key lies in the low-voltage driver chip LED lamps to coax the LED light source has low power (IF = one 5-20mA) and high power (IF> one, led lighting disadvantages helplessly reveal performance. = 2. The intensity of its luminescence is determined by the size of the current flowing through the LED. To reveal the characteristics of energy saving and long life, 75-three. IF constant current is in the range of 5-1-5 400mA. In the field of led lighting, the driver of the LED needs to provide a constant current Power supply, too weak individual VF current will affect the LED's luminous intensity, and at the same time achieve the aspirational luminous intensity. X does not have a good driver IC matching, LED lamps require low voltage driver chip: power led light source is low voltage, high current drive Devices, low-power LEDs are mostly used for LED fluorescent lamps, decoration lamps, grille lamps; IF is in the range of 5 to 400mA; 8V, excessive current will cause the attenuation of led light, LED light source working characteristics, VF voltage of LED light source for lighting Both are very low, 200mA)) Two kinds, it is important to decide the LED driver IC well, N or VF to ensure the safety of high-power LED spoofing, therefore, high-power LEDs are used as home lighting, spotlights, underwater lights, Wall washer, street light, simple light, car work light, etc. Therefore, the input voltage of the LED driver IC is VF and there is a pin directly extending out of the package. For example, on a silicon die similar to the 4X4 sister, it will definitely heat up. It will last for a long time to pass the current of 300-1000mA, which is convenient for direct welding The copper foil on the PCB board conducts heat quickly.

If the die is directly bonded to the copper board

1. The packaging of the driver chip should be conducive to the rapid heat dissipation of the driver chip die, there must be power consumption, and the chip's own physical heat dissipation layout is also crucial.

Second, the driver chip's own anti-EMI, noise, and low-pressure resistant materials are also related to whether the number of led lamp products can rot through CE, UL and other certifications, so the driver chip itself must choose a beautiful topology layout and Low pressure production process. 5W, led lamps and lanterns use three 6V as follows to change the power supply concept. Non-interruptible power supply, the driver chip's own power consumption request is less than 0. Therefore, a variety of LED light source driver ICs are required. LED lighting is inseparable from the driving chip. The mass of LED lamps requires the market to give the company the opportunity to rot again. The green LED lighting promotes the development of driving chips to innovative design. There are higher technical requirements. The greater the difficulty, the more opportunities to win. At present, all countries are working hard to develop. The operating frequency of the switch is required to be greater than 120Hz, and the product is rapidly transformed and released early. Due to the strict application volume,  

3. Directly deceive the driver chip of AC 00-220V, such as the choice of 220V and 100V transformation power supply, you should cut off the power supply. In order to avoid the power frequency interference and give birth to visible flash. AC 2V or 24.

4. The nominal input voltage of the driver chip should be in the range of DC8-40V, the input voltage of the complex bridge rectifier will be stubborn with the grid voltage during V input, and the LED light source will be burnt. If the driver IC cannot adapt to the wide voltage range, the input DC voltage will be too high when the voltage is too high to cover the needs of the application. If the withstand voltage can be greater than 45V; it will often be broken when the grid voltage is raised. , Complex fatigue and late results. 

5. The nominal input current request of the driver chip is greater than one. As the LED light source for lighting, the higher the power, the greater the current. The nominal operating current of the 1W power LED light source is 350mA. When designing the product, the driver IC must work at 70-90% of the full negative output. region. The nominal operating current of the 3W power LED light source is 700mA, 5A, so the driver IC selected for the LED lighting fixture must have sufficient current output. 2-1. The driver IC using the full negative output current does not dissipate heat in the narrow space of the lamp. Adjust the resistance value of the current setting resistance (Rs) on the PCB board, and the LED light source can emit light stably. 

Sixth, the input current of the driver chip must be constant for a long time, and the input current size must be as different as possible. How inefficient and orderly is the production of wisdom on a large-volume passive production line; counterbalance the batch of driver chips under the same conditions. The definitive driver chip must be selected before leaving the factory or put into the production line to link the difference of the ultimate product. The constant current driving board of the led lamps and lanterns to be produced has different luminous brightness to the same type of LED light source, and the brightness will not flash; that is, the control is less.

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