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When does LED lighting "kill" energy-saving lamps?

release time:2020-05-16 source:Shenzhen TOFOLED Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.

The company sounded the LED charge

On December 5, 2012, Zhejiang Sunshine Lighting Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Sunshine Lighting) issued an announcement regarding the partial changes in the fundraising investment projects of the company.

According to the announcement, Sunshine Lighting plans to reduce the scale of the "annual production of 150 million micro-mercury environmental protection and energy-saving lamps industrialization project" to 75 million, and the amount of funds raised will be reduced from 479.9 million yuan to 210 million yuan. After the change, the company will use 269.9 million yuan of non-public raised funds for the implementation of the "annual output of 20 million (sets) LED lighting product industrialization project", and the total amount involved in the change of investment accounted for 30.02% of the net raised funds.

Sunshine Lighting cuts the scale of energy-saving lamps, and its expansion of LED lighting production has caused industry thinking. Whether energy-saving lamps are "close to the limit", LED lighting can sound the total charge?

In this regard, Sunshine Lighting said that due to the rapid development and growth of LED lighting in the past two years, the company considered that LED lighting has a higher input-output ratio after careful consideration and judgment, and its future prospects and market growth potential are greater, so it recommends the board of directors and shareholders The conference considers the above investment plan changes.

Cai Weigen, Engineering Manager of Sunshine Lighting China Marketing Center, told the "Lighting Market" reporter, "The change of fund-raising investment projects is now biased towards LEDs. For the enterprise itself, it conforms to the future LED development market trend; for the industry, it is also a guide effect".

Incandescent lamps still have sporadic fire

When the reporter visited Chengdu Bayi Lighting City, Jinfu Lighting City, and Fuhe Lighting City, the dealers all said that the incandescent lamps have been basically eliminated, and the sales in the market are all below 100W, and 25W is the most sold, often used for decoration. Chandeliers are like crystal lamps.

Zhao Bin, a distributor of Aihua lamps and lanterns in Bayi Lamps and Lamps City, said that some large restaurants are still using incandescent lamps for decoration. There are two main reasons for choosing incandescent lamps.

One is low cost. For example, Philips 25W incandescent lamp can be as low as 3-5 yuan in the case of mass purchase, and retail is only about 8 yuan.

Second, the lighting effect is good. If you use an incandescent lamp in a crystal lamp, the lighting effect is very soft, but the energy-saving lamp can not reach it. Because the energy-saving lamp has a phosphor composition, the lighting effect is a bit blue or green, and the lampshade effect is dim, and there is no magnificent feeling.

Philips Yongjiu dealer Yi Yongqiang mentioned to reporters that there are still incandescent products in the lamp market, which is making huge profits. "

"In the face of the sudden emergence of LED, this year's sales of energy-saving lamps are not as optimistic as last year, and LED products have a great impact on the sales of energy-saving lamps." Yi Yongqiang said that the profit of energy-saving lamps is much lower than that of LED.

LED lighting has not won the hearts of people

Zhao Bin said that at present, the price and quality of energy-saving lamps are very mature, and the price of energy-saving lamps has become civilian. The customer's understanding of LED is very vague, such as LED quality, brightness, standard, etc. Among them, the most important difference between LED and energy-saving lamps is the price. For example, the price gap between Philips energy-saving lamps and LEDs is very large.

"Looking at our years of experience in lamp sales, the longevity and energy-saving features of LED advertising have yet to be observed. For example, whether the output power of the 3W bulb lamp marked by the company is really 3W, we have to ask a question mark. Because our dealers and There is no relevant technology for evaluation." Zhao Bin said.

For the quality of LED products, Zhao Bin also expressed a headache. He mentioned that a batch of LED bulbs and lamp cup products that had been represented by Fords had a lot of problems after sale, causing huge human, material and financial losses to himself. Because the quality of the LED products sold is directly related to the cost of after-sales service.

After experiencing the Fords incident, Zhao Bin, who was constantly afraid, repeatedly emphasized that the LED brand to be represented does not matter the ex-factory price, but it must have quality assurance and reduce worries, because dealers like them who take engineering channels pay special attention to products Quality and stability. For this reason, when customers often need a large number of products, they will recommend customers to use energy-saving lamps.

LED lighting wins in the future

"Businessmen who have been engaged in the lighting industry for a long time will definitely not want to see LEDs continue to be chaotic. Because although the energy-saving lamp market is mature now, the advantage of energy-saving lamps is only for indoor use, outdoor lighting still has to use LED products. I really hate iron for not making steel." Wu Jie, the peak engineering lighting dealer of Jinfu Lamp City, said.

How far can energy saving lamps go? Various dealers have told reporters that there is at least 2-5 years of market share. "If the LED market is not regulated, manufacturers have not reduced prices, and the national LED standards are still not introduced, then the market for energy-saving lamps may survive longer." Zhao Bin predicted.

At the same time, Zhao Bin also said, "No matter how far energy-saving lamps can go, LED is the future lighting trend is a foregone conclusion, so dealers still eagerly hope that a good LED brand will emerge as soon as possible to lead the industry and achieve the survival of the fittest in the industry. Products have been flooding the market all the time. It is those assembly manufacturers who are benefiting, and the injured are consumers. It is just the "white mice" that LED manufacturers experiment with, so that consumers can pay for their assembly of inferior products.

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