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LED lighting products are gradually entering the mainstream lighting field

release time:2020-05-16 source:Shenzhen TOFOLED Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.

At present, with the advancement of technology, LED lighting products are gradually entering the mainstream lighting field, and market demand has also entered a critical period of ready momentum. At the same time, huge market prospects have also stimulated many domestic and foreign companies to seize the lighting market, and competition is becoming increasingly fierce. "The channel is king, the brave first", LED lighting's docking customers depend on the channel, the acceptance and promotion of LED lighting products by channel vendors is the premise of industry growth, and channel construction is also an important catalyst for the promotion of products.

In 2012 China (Beijing) International Lighting Exhibition, there was a "craze", and many companies made the slogans: "Chengzhao agents at home and abroad", "Chengzhao agents" and other slogans, reflecting LED lighting companies' channel construction Efforts, but the reality is that these companies are facing heavy pressure and difficulties in this regard.

The channels of LED lighting companies can be divided into: engineering (invisible) channels and circulation (distribution) channels. Most of the customers of engineering channels are governments. Enterprises often play the role of "integrated service providers" and need to coordinate many relationships and follow up the whole process. . The shortcomings of this model are decentralized projects and long return periods.

Circulation channels need to use distribution, agency, franchise and other partners to realize the sales model facing end customers. The advantage of this model is that it can quickly layout and realize the "blooming" of the product marketing network, quickly occupy the consumer field, and at the same time can save the company’s Marketing costs. The disadvantage is that the dealer's profitability and loyalty cannot be controlled. If there is not enough tempting investment policies, or the profit is not realized in the short term after joining, it is common for dealers to evacuate or fight back.

Whether it is self-built channels or assisting distributors to develop projects and circulation markets, channel construction is the focus and work focus of every enterprise. Many companies are paying attention to and attaching importance to investment channel construction. Through our research, companies have encountered more concentrated problems in channel construction in the following aspects:

1. Lack of experience. LED fluorescent lamp power supply lighting is an emerging industry, which has strong industry characteristics and few lessons for reference. At present, there is no feasible channel for investment promotion regulations to follow.

2. Low awareness. Many consumers do not really understand LED lamps. In general, the LED industry has low awareness, which directly leads to a lack of confidence in many dealers; the store has not fully recognized and accepted LED products. The display function of the exhibition hall is greater than the channel construction function.

3. There are few product types. At this stage, there are relatively few types of LED lighting products, which are not enough to support the store. Consumers do not have too many choices when buying. This is also the main reason why many LED brands have been slow to buy stores.


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