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Do you know anything about LED light bars?

release time:2020-05-16 source:Shenzhen TOFOLED Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.

LED lamp strip products are subdivided by transition. In order to occupy the market opportunities and enable enterprises to survive in the brutal market competition, LED lamp strip companies continue to increase R&D, manpower, and market investment to keep the company's costs rising. . At present, there are two major types of LED light bars in the market; generally divided into soft light bars and hard light bars:

The flexible light bar is to solder the LED patch to the flexible circuit board, and the back side is installed in the form of adhesive on the required occasions. According to the different applications and the requirements of environmental illumination, the surface treatment can be divided into grouting and waterproof treatment. It is not waterproof; the highest waterproof level can also be added with a transparent sleeve on top of the glue treatment to improve the waterproof level;

According to the requirements of application environment illuminance, currently the soft LED strips on the market use 3528 and 5050 as the main chip, and the special brightness level requirements are also higher. The current high-brightness LED types are 2835, 3014 and 5730; and also Increase the brightness level of the area through the number of lamp beads used;

The hard light bar is based on the soft light bar to better solve the heat dissipation problem, and the SMD LED is welded to the aluminum substrate, so that the LED can get good heat dissipation treatment under long-term working conditions; and can be based on The actual installation and heat dissipation require the addition of aluminum grooves. One is to increase the area of heat dissipation at the same time for ease of installation; aluminum grooves are generally installed through screw holes or snaps on the occasions required, such as installation in high humidity and high dust environments, the surface is also Can do glue filling and dustproof treatment; and waterproof treatment; the same LEDs used in accordance with the requirements of the application environment illuminance are also similar to flexible light bars.

LED flexible light bar: like SMD round two coils, double-sided lighting, RGB colorful, one light jump five light jumps, only a few manufacturers in this part of the market are producing, production technology and quality requirements are very high, for many companies have Challenging, generally small businesses do not do well without technology or the like.

Conventional LED light bar products: Indoor single and double colors have been made in China for nearly 20 years, and module manufacturers are not very willing to do it. Indoor surface-mount unit boards wholesale have begun a fierce price war. There are too many medium-sized enterprises producing such products for wholesale. They all say that the production of this product is simple, large in volume and large in market. However, such products are subject to manufacturers of light-emitting tubes and chips, and upstream companies determine how large the market and how far the wholesale can go. Like the Zhiwei light bar is good, whether it is injection molding or lamp bead patch. Including PVC sleeve, lamp bead patch, widened circuit board, all copper wire. What is more important is a parallel design, which is not available to many companies today.

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