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LED light bar bundled with big tree affects growth and should be removed in time

release time:2020-05-16 source:Shenzhen TOFOLED Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.

Fenghuang News: This newspaper reported on the phenomenon that the trees in some road sections of Shijiazhuang City were tied up by LED light bars under the title of "The Trees Bundled with Colored Lights under the Prosperous Night Scene", affecting the normal growth of trees. After the report appeared in the newspaper, Shijiazhuang City Garden Bureau immediately paid great attention to it. The entire garden system was arranged and deployed from the 20th. The city garden bureau unified deployment, and the district garden bureaus carried out a unified action to "untie the big tree". Centrally rectify and clean up tree attachments in the main streets and alleys of the city.

Action: The city carried out the action of "loosening the big tree"

After seeing the report, the Shijiazhuang City Garden Bureau paid great attention to it. After research, it was decided to specifically target the tree bundles and carry out special remediation actions in the five districts of the city.

The reporter learned from the afforestation department of Shishi Gardens Bureau that at present, this centralized remediation operation carried out by Shishi Gardens System has begun. The action is organized by the Municipal Gardens Bureau, and the specific implementation work falls to the gardens bureaus of various districts All sorts of tied trees existing in their jurisdictions shall be cleaned up and rectified in a unified manner.

The staff of the city gardening bureau's greening department told reporters that in the special rectification activity of "loosening the big trees", they asked the district bureaus not only to clean up some of the light bars, light boxes and other lighting facilities tied to the trees, but also include wire, Nail and other bundles on the tree shall be cleaned up as long as they do not have the approval of the gardening department and hinder the normal growth of the tree.

Scene: Zhonghua Street: Remove attachments from trees, saws and scissors are on line

On the morning of August 23, the reporter visited some streets in the city and found that in the main roads or alleys, the staff of the Garden Bureau were in action to clean up the attachments on the trees.

At the intersection of Gaozhu Road, Zhonghua Street, the reporter encountered Captain Gao Wenkui of the Greening Management Section of the Xinhua District Landscaping Bureau. During the operation of "Untie the Big Tree", the removal of tree attachments in Xinhua District mainly fell on Gao Wenkui's shoulders on.

When the reporter saw Gao Wenkui and his colleagues, they were preparing to remove the colorful decorative cloth tied to the trunks of several sidewalk trees next to Zhonghua Street. Gao Wenkui told reporters that the decorative cloth on these trees was entangled by a real estate developer next to him. He had communicated with the developer before, and today he took the workers to clean up.

Because the decorative cloth is mainly wrapped around the trunk, it is not very high, so Gao Wenkui did not use the aerial work truck, but worked with the staff of the Garden Bureau to cut off the decorative cloth on the tree with high branch shears and high branch saws. ,shear. "We have to clean up forty or fifty trees every day and it has been done for four days."

Tan Guxi Street: Staff found a ladder to clean up high-level attachments

In addition to the city's main roads such as Zhonghua Street, the actions of garden staff are also very rapid for some small streets. On the section between Huaizhong Road and Huaibei Road, Tangu West Street, there are several barbecue stalls. In order to attract guests at night, they installed spotlights and light bars on the big trees in front of the door.

In order to remove the attachments such as spotlights, light strips and other trees here, the staff of the Yuhua District Garden Bureau began to communicate with these hotels very early. At 11 o'clock in the morning on August 23, they had already done it for the merchants. The five garden bureau workers who worked well moved in the ladder, holding scissors and pliers, and were ready to clean the trees.

According to a staff member surnamed Li, since the city gardening bureau carried out a special rectification work to "untie large trees", the gardening bureau of Yuhua District has cleaned up 50 or 60 places.

After informing the merchants to cut off the power of the wires in the tree, the staff carefully climbed up the ladder, step by step onto the tall branches, and then supported the ladder with one hand, and the pliers with the other hand. Untie the wire tied to the tree. Five or six minutes later, the wire tied to the tree was finally untied, and the loose spotlight was taken down by the staff of the Garden Bureau.

After removing the spotlight and handing it to the merchant under the tree, the staff used scissors to cut the small LED strips around the trunk bit by bit and cleaned it. Then he moved the ladder to the door of the next shop.

Difficulties: Every time you remove a lamp, you have to do business with the merchant

During the conversation with the garden staff, the reporter learned that removing the attachments from the trees, and the headache for the staff is not how to clean up, but to do the work of the various merchants who wind the big tree in advance.

"Although these merchants along the street have not been approved by the garden department, it is wrong to wind around the trees and set up irrelevant items without permission. However, during the cleaning process, we have to communicate with these merchants one by one and do their work well. Only after they have obtained their permission and support can they take action." Gao Wenkui told reporters, "Some merchants are more reasonable and know that they are doing something wrong, and they agree very happily, but some merchants do not understand and do not support."

Gao Wenkui's statements and practices were also recognized by the staff of the Yuhua District Garden Bureau. "Actually, according to the "Urban Greening Management Regulations", these businessmen's practices are wrong, and many citizens simply think that the direct cleanup is enough. In fact, it is not as simple as imagined." Xiao Li of Yuhua District Garden Bureau told reporters "Take the section of the road we cleaned today. The spotlight wires on the tree are all powered. The merchants will use it at night. If the communication is not good, the merchant's electricity cannot be stopped. There is no way to put the tree on the tree. The lights and wires are taken down. If you go up and take it down, you will get an electric shock, which is very dangerous." The staff member told reporters.

Progress: Several streets in five districts of the city have been cleaned up

The reporter learned from the Shijiazhuang City Gardening Bureau that under the unified requirements and arrangements of the City Gardening Bureau, the unified action of the gardening bureaus in the various districts of the city, after the active efforts of the staff, the action of "bonding the big tree" began on the 20th. In a few days of work, the cleanup of many streets in the city has been completed, and the rest will be cleaned up by the end of August.

The staff of the Greening Department of the City Garden Bureau told reporters that in this operation, in addition to the unified cleaning of the attachments of the merchants’ faces and the privately built and entangled trees, some of the government’s arrangements are unified and have been approved. If the way of bundling the night view of the big tree night lighting project does affect the growth of the tree, it should also be standardized.

According to reports, in this activity, the city garden bureau required each district bureau

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