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How to choose LED ceiling light

release time:2020-05-16 source:Shenzhen TOFOLED Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.

LED ceiling lights are widely used in the field of commercial lighting, and the field of home lighting is still slowly penetrating. How to choose LED ceiling lights is an urgent concern for every user.

LED ceiling lamps are widely used in commercial lighting. There are single (one LED lamp bead, etc.), 3, 5, 7, 9, 12, 15 and the power of each lamp bead There are 1W, 3W. The places where various specifications are suitable for use are different, mainly depending on the brightness, the irradiation distance and the width of the installation place required by the user.

How to choose LED ceiling light is mainly considered from the following three aspects:

1. Look at the radiator used by the lamps and lanterns: The speed of the heat dissipation of the lamp beads determines the degree of light decay and service life of the entire lamp. The lamp beads work under high temperature for a long time, the light decay is fast, the life is very short, and the ceiling light with poor brightness can not achieve the effect of key lighting.

The radiator solutions for LED ceiling lamps include mainstream integrated radiators, single lamp beads and a cooling column, and external fan cooling.

At present, the more approved method by users is a single bead lamp bead and a cooling column method. In this way, the heat generated by each lamp bead is quickly dissipated through the heat dissipation column to ensure timely heat dissipation. The integral heat sink transfers the heat generated by all the lamp beads to the aluminum substrate, and then radiates through the heat sink, the heat dissipation speed is slightly slower.

The size of the radiator and the quality of the aluminum material affect the speed of heat dissipation and the price of the entire lamp.

2. Look at the power supply of the lamp (commonly known as the transformer):

The quality of the transformer also determines the life of the entire lamp. It is no problem to use the lamp beads for more than 50,000 hours. However, if the transformer is broken, the entire lamp will not light up. The electronic components and design scheme used in the transformer determine the efficiency, power factor, stability, temperature rise and service life of the transformer. If the user does not know the knowledge of components, he can make a preliminary judgment from the aspects of the size and weight of the transformer and the electrolytic capacitor used by consulting the manufacturer. The difference in the price of LED ceiling lights, the quality of the transformer accounts for a large proportion.

3. Understand the brand and packaging of the lamp bead: The quality of the lamp bead determines the lighting effect of the LED ceiling lamp, and the packaging process affects the key factors of the lamp bead quality and heat dissipation. Lamp bead chips include American chips, Taiwan chips, and domestic chips. Different brands have large price differences and large differences in lighting effects.

Users can learn about the lamp bead solution by consulting the manufacturer, which depends on the manufacturer's integrity. Many low-cost ceiling lights are made with defective products from the chip production line. The color temperature is inconsistent, the brightness is poor, and the life is short. Users need to pay attention.


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