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DMX512 RGBW Wall Washer; IC LED Strip; LED Linear Light; LED Flood Light

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Shenzhen TOFOLED Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive LED brand high-tech enterprise dedicated to LED outdoor landscape lighting and R&D, design, production, sales and engineering of LED lighting products. The company is committed to the field of outdoor landscape lighting, creating the first brand of green LED lighting! TOFOLED Lighting upholds the business philosophy of taking user needs as the guide, quality as the core and service as the cornerstone. Our main products include LED point light sources, LED line lights, LED wall washer lights, LED flood lights, LED highbay lights and other outdoor lighting fixtures. While creating various high-quality products, the company can provide overall solutions, on-site guidance, professional technical support and full service for special projects of outdoor landscape lighting. TOFOLED insists on implementing "quality first, customer first" for our customers. "One" service principle, and adhere to the common development of quality and innovation, so that the world is more colorful!

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