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Practical and characteristic analysis of LED light bar

release time:2020-05-16 source:Shenzhen TOFOLED Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.

In the 21st century, if you ask any lighting practitioner what is the main light source of the next generation of lamps, I think everyone will answer: LED. LED has an irreversible development trend. The led light bar is a very popular one among LED products. It can not only be used for simple lighting, but also has excellent decorative effects. It is mainly used for indoor and outdoor decoration and has become the LED product that consumers choose most.

So what is the practicality of led light bar? How does the led light bar shine? What are the advantages of its light source compared to other lighting sources? The following is a simple analysis for everyone.

1. The LED light bar is rich in color. As long as the current is changed, the corresponding color can be changed. The LED light bar can easily adjust the energy band structure and band gap of the material through chemical modification to realize multi-color light emission of red, yellow, green, blue, orange and so on. For example, when the current is small, the LED is red, and as the current increases, it can turn into orange, yellow, and finally green.

2. The LED light bar has little pollution to the environment. The LED light bar is a solid lighting device, does not contain mercury, and the encapsulation material is epoxy resin, even if it is damaged and discarded, it will not cause pollution to the environment.

3. The response time of the LED light bar is extremely low. The response time of incandescent lamps is in the order of milliseconds, and the response time of LED lamps is in the order of nanoseconds.

4. The stability of the LED light bar is excellent. The life of an LED light bar is about 100,000 hours, and the light attenuation is only 50%.

5. The applicability of the LED light bar is strong. Because the body of a single LED is actively small, the LED chip of each unit is a square of 3-5mm. At the same time, the LED light bar can be bent and twisted at will, so it is suitable for various variable surroundings.

6. LED light bar has low energy consumption, 80% less energy consumption than incandescent lamps with the same light effect, and good lighting effect. An 11-watt LED lamp is equivalent to the brightness of incandescent lamps from 90 watts to 100 watts.

7. The LED light bar has low voltage and is safe to use. LED light bar uses low voltage power supply, the power supply voltage is between 6-24V, depending on the product, so it is a safer power supply than the use of high voltage power supply, especially suitable for public places. ,

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